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Replacement RFA1 Transmitter for CS4 or TV Pillow

Replacement RFA1 Transmitter for CS4 or TV Pillow


  • [Digital Sound Processing ] The KARE’s SonicCast Advanced TV transmitter will change the way you experience your TV. The SonicCast TV transmitter is an ultra-fast radiofrequency system using the 2.4MHz spectrum, which allows you to transmit and receive sound to your TV audio in as little as 10ms. With our transmitter, your sound is cast 15x faster than typical Bluetooth systems. Moreover, unlike Bluetooth, the SonicCast transmitter removes the lag in your audio experience because of our cutting-edge technology. The KARE SonicCast transmitter is personalized to your listening needs because our transmitter works with your current TV speakers, soundbars, and other devices simultaneously, delivering each person their individual audio experience at their desired volumes.

Works with All SonicCast products. 


  • 1 transmitter 
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 digital optical cable
  • 1 RCA to 3.5mm cable
  • 1 microphone 


  • VM - Voice Mastering 
  • Selectable Voice Enhancements 
  • Decodes most common audio formats
  • SVC - Smart Volume Control
  • DSP - Digital Sound Processing 
  • Ultra-Low RF latency 
  • Audio Virtualization
  • Digital audio throughput 


  • Digital Optical
  • Digital RCA
  • Microphone (amplified analog)
  • Line-level Analog in 


  • Passthrough digital optical out for soundbars or home theater systems

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