Only you hear the sound! Head Spot's Bluetooth pillow is the first personal entertainment bone conduction pillow.  Head Spot's patented technology lets you stream any Bluetooth audio using embedded bone conductors without the isolation of headphones.  Head Spot comes with a 20-hour lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a Minky fabric cover that is both removable and washable.  It is proudly made in America with domestic and imported parts.  Great for kids, adults, dorms, living rooms, bedrooms, and much more!

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Relax With Sound, Comfort & Awareness 

It all starts with our patented and patent-pending Comfort Bone Conductor™ technology, resulting from years of research. We use foam technology to provide firm contact to your head without the pain associated with bone conduction headsets. Our foam-embedded bone conductors leave your ears open, so you are aware of your surroundings. Only the person using the pillow hears the audio; leaving everyone else in peace.

It's not magic, but it is magical

You hear sound but only you hear the sound the minute your head touches it. The plush Minky pillow augments your audio. It doesn't shut you out; it overlays another audio track over your surrounding audio that only you hear.  With Head Spot's patented and patent-pending comfort technology, Head Spot is an audio experience like no other. 

Sound Sleep

Rest, relax and play audio that only you can hear! Say goodbye to restrictive, isolating, and painful headphones. Head Spot is a sleek, portable, lightweight, specially-designed audio pillow that includes sound transducers, amplifiers, and a receiver all in one. Head Spot lets you relax with high-quality sound without disturbing others. Not to be confused with a "Pillow with a Speaker." Once you try Head Spot, you will see why homebodies call it the headphone killer.

Quieter Screen Time

Just imagine their electronics streaming audio through the pillow. You can't hear it, but they can listen to their devices and hear you. Well, as long as they sit in one spot.  

The Details Make All The Difference

Listen Longer 

Head Spot's pillow gives you 20+ hours of audio on a single charge. Recharges in 4 hours with the included USB charger.*

* Battery testing was conducted by KARE in continuous audio playback at 50% volume. Battery runtime is based on a typical use and may vary based on usage

Easy to clean

The removable cover is machine washable to keep your pillow sanitary. The minky plush fabric cover is a smooth, ultra-soft material that’s not only beautiful, but is super durable and versatile! It’s 100% polyester and features 3mm pile height. Wash the cover on cold and tumble dry on low

Contoured Orthopedic Foam

Head Spot is made from a soft medical grade foam passing the most strict safety standard (CAL 117- 2013). This foam has orthopedic contours that is soft to the touch while providing proper head support. Use with or without neck support. 

Comfort Bone Conduction

Our Patented and Patent Pending technologies lets you rest on our bone conductors without uncomfortable pressure points like some bone conduction headsets. The bone conductors can sink into the pillow to give good contact without discomfort.

High Fidelity Bone Conduction for

Music, podcasts, and videos are all the content you love while you relax. Now enjoy high fidelity bone conduction without the discomfort of headphones or earbuds. Know when someone is at the door, or a small one wakes up from a nap because there is no isolation. *Head Spot uses genuine bone conductors. Our bone conductors provide sound from 200 Hz to 20,000 Hz. 


  • Brand: Head Spot
  • Model: HSBT1
  • Color: Dark Silver or Ivory 
  • Filling: Polyurethane   
  • Charge: Via USB
  • Battery: 900mAh
  • Battery Life: 20 hours

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Stereo
  • Max Volume: 85dB
  • Range 200 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • FCC ID: 2A26FCZW864001
  • URN: PA-43090 (FL)


  • Product Weight: 14.2 oz
  • Package Weight: 26.7 oz
  • Product Size: 14 x 11 x 4 inches

Package includes

  • 1 x Head Spot Pillow
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x USB Charger 


Dark Silver


UPC: 850025747097



UPC: 850025747103

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User Guide

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Questions & Answers

Can the person next to you hear it?

Great question! Any sound heard by anyone else other than the user is called "sound bleed." All personal sound devices have some sound bleed. Placement, volume, and environment determine Head Spot's amount of sound bleed. At the max volume, it is no louder than a set of headphones sitting on the counter playing music. When the volume is at 65% or less, a person cannot hear any sound a few feet away. 

Is this product safe?

As a product you interact with, so closely and personally, we have carefully designed and sourced safe and appropriate components for your home. 

Are the materials safe?

We use medical-grade CertiPUR-US foam that passes the most strict safety standard (CAL 117- 2013) and polyester fabric that is naturally flame resistant. 

Is bone conduction safe?

Because the bone conduction does not cut the user off from the environment, it is considered safer than air conduction alternatives. Additionally, there is no damage from stimulus intensity and the constant ear insertion earbuds and other types of insert headphones. Bone conduction origins stretch back to around 2AD, then used by Girolamo Cardano in the 1500s. Bone conduction hearing aids are devices that bypass your outer ear and middle ear entirely and create a new pathway for hearing. Bone conduction is one of the original types of hearing aids and is still in use today. 

Is radio frequencies that close to my head safe?

We were using the 2.4 GHz band, in both Bluetooth® and SonicCast™ versions, the same as every other Bluetooth headphone on the market. As a generally accepted standard approved by governments worldwide as safe for use near your head, we did not independently evaluate 2.4GHz safety. Additionally, our radio chips are placed farther away from your head than typical headphones.

LiPo Battery in the pillow? Is that safe?

Many plush toys use batteries without issue. We have incorporated safety features in Head Spot to reduce risk and isolate any battery issues. First, we have sourced a top-grade battery; most batteries you have seen on the news are cheap, low-grade batteries. These batteries have fault detection and mitigation integrated with the battery. A second battery management system regulates power safety, giving Head Spot redundant battery safety monitoring systems. As a last resort safety system, we sealed the batteries in the same fire containment compartment used in fire detector batteries. The containment chamber will deprive the battery of oxygen to prevent a catastrophic failure.

How loud is the pillow? 

Head Spot is a soothing and relaxing device. While the max volume is 85dB, the placement of your head on the pillow will determine the perceived volume. The sound may be lower than 85dB if placed towards the back of the head. Ideal placement is to place your ear on the Head Spot logo.

How is the sound quality?

The sound quality in bone conduction is distinguishable from typical speakers or headphones. We tuned our conduction system to perform better than consumer bone conduction systems. Bone conductors, by nature, do not provide rich bass.  Sound transmission rage is 200 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

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