Soundbar Alternatives

Discover the best in Soundbar Alternatives. Designed for customers seeking innovative and discreet audio solutions, our selection offers superior alternatives to traditional soundbars. Experience enhanced TV dialog, lower room volume and a personalized listening environment, perfect for any setup. No more "Turn down that TV!" Shop all Soundbar Alternatives.

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Bone Conduction Pillows by Head Spot

Explore Head Spot's bone conduction audio pillows collection, the ultimate headphone alternatives for a relaxing, non-isolating audio experience. Perfect for TV, music, books, and apps, these pillows deliver sound through bone conduction technology, allowing you to enjoy your favorite audio content comfortably without the need for traditional headphones or earbuds. See our full collection of Bone Conduction Pillows

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TV Audio Solutions for the Hard of Hearing

Explore our TV Audio Solutions for the Hard of Hearing, tailored for clear and accessible TV listening. Designed with precision, these products enhance TV sound clarity and volume, ensuring an engaging audio experience for those with hearing difficulties. Shop our products that help anyone who is hard of hearing enjoy the TV!

Tinnitus Relief Product

Our Tinnitus Relief product thoughtfully assembled to provide comfort and relief for those experiencing tinnitus. These products are specifically designed to help manage and alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus, offering a range of solutions for a more peaceful and comfortable daily life.

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Parts & Accessories

Find all the necessary replacement parts and practical accessories in our Parts & Accessories section, ensuring your KARE audio products performs exactly as you need. Whether it's to replace a component or to fine-tune your setup, we've got you covered

Kare Product Parts & Accessories
  • this is an image of chaispeaker brought to you by Kare Audio. The top tv speakers for the elderly


    Place your TV speakers right next to you! Hear the TV like never before! Now with Voice Enhancing Technology.

    Explore & Buy ChairSpeaker 
  • This is an image of a sound bar alternative called turbo scoops


    Sound Reflectors that focus your TV's sound for clearer, more focused audio.

    Learn About & Buy TurboScoops 
  • HeadSpot

    The Head Spot is a bone conduction pillow can help relieve tinnitus or lets you watch TV & listen to music privately without headphones!

    Explore & Buy A HeadSpot