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SonicSilence Tinnitus Relief Pillow

SonicSilence Tinnitus Relief Pillow


Discover a serene escape from the persistent ring of tinnitus with Head Spot’s SonicSilence Bone Conduction Pillow. Our innovative bone conduction technology, usually revered for delivering crisp audio for music or TV, has now been fine-tuned to provide tinnitus sufferers with a soothing auditory experience, promoting better sleep and an improved quality of life.

The SonicSilence pillow channels calming, therapeutic sounds directly through your bones, bypassing the outer ear and the tinnitus buzz. This direct bone audio transmission allows for a personalized, immersive sound therapy session right as you lay down to rest, without disturbing anyone beside you.

With the flexibility to pair with any sound therapy app of your choice, the SonicSilence Bone Conduction Pillow invites you to explore a myriad of sonic landscapes to find what resonates best with you. Whether you opt for popular apps like Relax Melodies or MyNoise, or have a personal favorite, the seamless connectivity ensures an uninterrupted sound therapy session to mask the unsettling ring of tinnitus, aiding you to relax and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Marrying comfort with cutting-edge technology, the SonicSilence pillow is not only your portal to a peaceful night but a plush resting place for your head. The ergonomic design and soft fabric ensure a cozy, supportive sleep environment.

Take control of your night, tune out the ringing, and embrace the silence with Head Spot’s SonicSilence Bone Conduction Pillow. Your journey towards tranquil nights and refreshed mornings begins here.

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