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Optical Splitter for ChairSpeakers & Soundbars

Optical Splitter for ChairSpeakers & Soundbars


This is an optical splitter used to connect a soundbar or home theater system with the ChairSpeaker. 

This 1 input 2 output optical splitter is compatible with soundbars, TV's and home theater systems.

This optical audio splitter adapter allows you to connect one Toslink optical digital audio source and split it into two different receiving devices such as an A/V receiver or a soundbar and the ChairSpeaker.

The optical cable splitter is a low-loss Fiber optic, low-jitter synthetic fiber, connector that brings an excellent sound quality experience.  Provides a digital audio source to both your receiver and ChairSpeaker.

Note: The digital optical fiber splitter supports 1 male input to 2 female outputs at the same time. This splitter cannot support 2 female inputs to 1 male output at the same time. 


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