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Avantree Orbit TC580 Bluetooth Transmitter

Avantree Orbit TC580 Bluetooth Transmitter


Advanced Bluetooth Transmitter for TV


Experience the ultimate wireless audio solution with the Avantree Orbit TC580, a cutting-edge Bluetooth transmitter designed to enhance your TV viewing. With its unique LCD screen, you can effortlessly connect to a range of Bluetooth devices, ensuring seamless pairing and control.

Key Features:

  • LCD Screen for Easy Pairing: The Orbit TC580 stands out with its exclusive LCD screen, allowing you to easily identify and connect to various Bluetooth devices. It displays the active CODEC and lets you manage the volume directly.

  • Universal TV Compatibility: Equipped with Digital OPT, 3.5mm, and RCA input cables, the Orbit TC580 is universally compatible with all TV models. Its standout feature is the automatic conversion of 5.1CH audio to 2.0, ready for Bluetooth transmission without any TV setting adjustments.

  • AptX Low Latency Certified: This transmitter guarantees perfectly synced audio and video, offering a lag-free experience when paired with compatible Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

  • Simultaneous Audio Output: Enjoy audio through both your headphones and external TV speakers, such as soundbars or stereo AVRs, thanks to the Orbit's Pass-Through feature.

  • Dual-Link Functionality: Connect two Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously for shared listening experiences. This feature is perfect for late-night movie sessions.

  • Long Range and Reliable Connectivity: With Class 1 Bluetooth technology and an impressive range of up to 164 feet, the Orbit TC580 ensures stable and uninterrupted audio streaming throughout your home.

  • Versatile Audio Support: The transmitter supports various audio codecs, including aptX-LL, aptX, FS, and SBC, and offers multiple audio port options for diverse connectivity.

  • Independent Volume Control: An intuitive interface allows you to adjust the headphone volume easily, making it ideal for devices without on-device volume control.

In the Box:

  • Avantree Orbit Bluetooth Transmitter
  • Type C Power Cable (1.5M/5FT)
  • Optical Audio Cable (1.5M/5FT)
  • AUX 3.5mm Audio Cable (1.5M/5FT)
  • AUX 3.5mm to RCA Adapter (35CM/1FT)
  • Quick Start Guide

Enhance Your Audio Experience:

With the Avantree Orbit TC580, enjoy a superior wireless audio experience with your TV. Its advanced features, easy setup, and compatibility make it an ideal choice for any home entertainment system.

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