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Patented TV Sound Reflectors

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Introducing TurboScoops® – Enhancing Your TV Sound Experience

TurboScoops® is an ingenious solution crafted to redefine your TV sound experience by ingeniously tackling the issue of down-firing speakers which direct sound toward the floor. TurboScoops® ensures that every sound wave is directed right at you. This innovative device effortlessly enhances the clarity and crispness of your TV audio without needing extra wires, remotes, or expensive speaker systems.

Our patented Reflective Technology scoops the sound waves and redirects them to you, making every dialogue, every music note, and every sound effect crystal clear. You no longer have to increase the volume to an annoyingly loud level or strain to hear what's on TV. TurboScoops® brings the sound to you, letting you enjoy a better-sounding TV for less.

TurboScoops® is designed to be lightweight and user-friendly. It has everything you need to set it up on your TV effortlessly. Installation is a breeze – attach the sound scoops to your TV using the included double-sided adhesive foam tape. No tools are required!

Made in the USA, TurboScoops® includes two sound scoops and an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. It is compatible with most TVs that have down-firing speakers. The product's sturdy construction from durable ABS plastic ensures long-lasting performance, backed by our satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty.

Experience the TurboScoops® difference today and transform your TV sound experience. Say goodbye to the constant "TURN DOWN THE TV" discussions, and let the whole family enjoy the perfect TV sound together. TurboScoops® - the soundbar alternative you've been waiting for!


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