The Bone Conduction Pillow

Relax with Sound, Comfort & Awareness

A New Experience

Rest and play audio that only you can hear! Say goodbye to restrictive, isolating, and painful headphones. Head•Spot is a sleek, portable, lightweight, specially-designed audio pillow that includes sound transducers, amplifiers, and a receiver all in one. Head•Spot lets you relax with high-quality sound without disturbing others. Not to be confused with a "Pillow with a Speaker." Once you try Head•Spot, you will see why some people who use headphones call it a headphone killer.

Unwind & Fall Asleep Faster

Here your personal audio, without disturbing your partner. Listen to white noise, music, audio book or tv right through your pillow. 

 The Head•Spot logo is where you lay your head to hear the sound. Yes, our sound is so isolated and personal you need to place your Head on the Spot. Sound vibrations are transmitted though your cheek and jaw bones, not through the air, directly to your inner ear. Sound bypasses your ear drum, leaving your ear canal open to hear the ambient sounds around you.

Comfort Bone Conduction

Our Patented and Patent Pending technologies lets you rest on our bone conductors without painful pressure points like some bone conduction headsets. The bone conductors can sink into the pillow to give good contact without pain.

Medical-Grade Polyurethane Foam

Head•Spot is made from a soft medical grade foam passing the most strict safety standard (CAL 117- 2013). This foam has orthopedic contours that is soft to the touch while providing proper head support. Use with or without neck support. 

Luxurious, Washable, and Replaceable Cover

The minky plush fabric cover is a smooth, ultra-soft material that’s not only beautiful, but is super durable and versatile! It’s 100% polyester and features 3mm pile height.  The pillow cover is machine washable on cold &  can be tumbled dry on low.

2 Wireless Technologies to Choose

Bluetooth technology is all around us. That's why we designed an pillow that would connect to Bluetooth. Pair to your phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth Device to deliver a personal relaxing sound without the isolation of headphones.Play audiobooks, music, games, white noise or any other sound streamed over Bluetooth. 

To overcome the limitations of Bluetooth TV audio, KARE created SonicCast.SonicCast is an ultra-fast proprietary radio frequency system using the 2.4GHz spectrum that transmits and receives TV audio as quickly as 20ms. SonicCast is ten times faster than typical Bluetooth systems and two times faster than ultra-low latency Bluetooth systems. 

Can the person next to you hear it?

Great question! Any sound heard by anyone else other than the user is called "sound bleed." All personal sound devices have some sound bleed. Placement, volume, and environment determine Head Spot's amount of sound bleed. At the max volume, it is no louder than a set of headphones sitting on the counter playing music in the worst case. When the volume is at 65% or less, a person cannot hear any sound a few feet away. 

Is this product safe?

As a product you interact with closely and personally, we have carefully designed and sourced safe and appropriate components for your home. 

Are the materials safe?

We use medical-grade CertiPUR-US foam that passes the most strict safety standard (CAL 117- 2013) and polyester fabric that is naturally flame resistant. 

Is bone conduction safe?

Because the bone conduction does not cut the user off from the environment, it is considered safer than air conduction alternatives. Additionally, there is no damage from stimulus intensity and the constant ear insertion earbuds and other types of insert headphones. Bone conduction origins stretch back to around 2AD, then used by Girolamo Cardano in the 1500s. Bone conduction hearing aids are devices that bypass your outer ear and middle ear entirely and create a new pathway for hearing. Bone conduction is one of the original types of hearing aids and is still in use today. 

Is radio frequencies that close to my head safe?

We were using the 2.4 GHz band, in both Bluetooth® and SonicCast™ versions, the same as every other Bluetooth headphone on the market. As a generally accepted standard approved by governments worldwide as safe for use near your head, we did not independently evaluate 2.4GHz safety. Additionally, our radio chips are placed farther away from your head than typical headphones.

LiPo Battery in the pillow? Is that safe?

Many plush toys use batteries without issue. We have incorporated safety features in HEAD•SPOT to reduce risk and isolate any battery issues. First, we have sourced a top-grade battery; most batteries you have seen on the news are cheap, low-grade batteries. Our batteries have fault detection and mitigation integrated with the battery. A second battery management system regulates power safety, giving HEAD•SPOT redundant battery safety systems. As a last resort safety system, we enclosed batteries in the same fire containment compartment used in fire detector batteries. Using a containment chamber to oxygen deprive the battery in case of a catastrophic failure.

How loud is Head Spot?

Head•Spot is a soothing and relaxing device. Our max volume is 85dB; the placement of your head on the pillow will determine the perceived volume. The sound may be lower than 85dB if placed towards the back of the head. 

How is the sound quality?

The sound quality in bone conduction is distinguishable from typical speakers. Our bone conduction system performs better than any consumer bone conduction system we tested.