Social isolation due to hearing loss

Social isolation due to hearing loss


During these past few months, many of us had to isolate ourselves due to the pandemic. We couldn't go out to go to a restaurant or a see a movie. We couldn't go out to see our friends and family. This way of life is very different than normal for most of us, but for some it is what they deal with on a daily basis.

People tend to isolate themselves from others for various reasons other than a pandemic. For seniors, many isolate themselves due hearing loss. When hearing becomes challenging for people they tend to avoid social, business or transactional situations where interaction is key and instead choose to withdraw and isolate themselves. If untreated, hearing loss can lead to serious emotional and social consequences.

Some people affected by hearing loss were more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and paranoia and were less likely to participate in organized social activities, compared to those who wear hearing aids. An indicator of the paranoia is that people tend to get angry with others for no reason. About three out of five older Americans with hearing loss and six out of seven middle-aged Americans with hearing loss do not use hearing aids.

People who wear hearing aids have significant improvements in many areas of their lives, ranging from their relationships at home and sense of independence to their social life and their sex life. Despite all of these benefits, many people with hearing issues choose not to wear hearing aids. The main two reason for this are individual vanity and cost.

People tend to think that wearing a hearing aid is a sign that they are getting old, not realizing the other effects create a much bigger sign instead. While the average cost of a hearing aid can range from $1,000 - $4,000.

While the ChairSpeaker can not cure hearing loss, it can be the beginning of a process that will lead to less isolation. If you can hear the TV better it can inspire someone to seek a more permanent solution to hear better in other social settings.

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