Common hearing loss issues people suffer from

Common hearing loss issues people suffer from

Numerous people suffer from hearing loss and a number of them develop the problem over time and they don’t even realize it. About 48 million Americans suffer from some type of hearing loss. However, there are people who are sufferers of hearing loss but they don’t understand it, because their ears work fine one day and not so fine, the other day. Such people need to pay attention to themselves because if the problem persists, can lead to permanent hear loss. This is the reason that you must be aware of all types of hair loss and also different hearing loss issues that people face.

Types of hearing loss:

Here are some types of hair loss:

  1. Conductive hearing loss:

Conductive hearing loss happens when the middle or outer ear has some problem due to which passing sound to the inner air becomes difficult. There are many reasons for conductive hear loss including ear infection, too much wax, fluid buildup, punctured drum or abnormal bone growth. Nevertheless, it can be treated by hearing technologies or surgery.


  1. Auditory Processing Disorders:

When the brain has issues in processing the information of the sound then it is called Auditory Processing Disorder. It may include difficulty in understanding speech as well as having problems in understanding the source of the sound.


  1. Sensorineural Hearing loss:

It happens when the auditory nerve, hearing organ or the Cochlea is damaged and is therefore unable to provide correct electric information to the brain. This hear loss is often permanent. Ageing, genetics, accidents, diseases, certain medications or chemicals can all be the reason for this hearing loss, however, many technologies can help in reducing the effects of hearing loss.


  1. Mixed hearing loss:

It is referred to a condition when both sensorineural and conductive hearing loss is present. The conductive component might be temporary or permanent however the sensorineural component is always permanent.

Common hearing loss issues:

Here are some hearing loss issues that people often face.

  1. The trouble with hearing at noisy places:

When you age, you may develop presbycusis which is a gradual hearing loss results from the death of hair cells in the inner ear or cochlea. These cells are responsible for translating sound vibrations into the brain signals. The first sign of hearing loss is difficulty to hear in noisy places, this is because the ears find it difficult to filter out background noises.


  1. The feeling of fullness in ears:

Excess mucus due to an allergy or infection blocks the eustachian tube which is a small canal that regulates air flow by connecting the throat to the middle ear. Wax buildup may also cause fullness in ears, other issues include pain, popping or tinnitus.


  1. Sudden hearing loss:

Fluid buildup, swelling or high doses of specific medications can damage the nerves and hair cells leading to sudden hearing loss.


  1. Hearing loss fluctuation:
Meniere's Disease changes the flow, amount, and chemical composition of inner ear fluid, the endolymph which fluctuates the frequency
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