What are wireless TV headphones and how do they work?

What are wireless TV headphones and how do they work?

As the name suggests, they are wireless headphones that you can connect to your television to fully immerse yourself into a show or movie on your big screen without disturbing the people around you.

Wireless headphones boast several advantages compared to their wired counterparts. There's no worry about the cord getting all tangled up, or getting caught on the edge of your couch when you lean back to get comfier. Plus, they are equipped with a much wider coverage range so you can enjoy your TV viewing experience without having to sit too close to the screen.

These wireless TV headphones work pretty much the same way as other wireless headphones. Two components: a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver are required to establish a wireless connection.

The transmitter transmits digital audio signals to the receiver, which converts them into the sounds that you hear in the headphones. The good news is that you can connect your wireless headphones to any TV even if it doesn't have a built-in wireless transmitter.

Next week, we will review the three types of wireless TV headphones: Radio Frequency, Infra-Red, and Bluetooth.

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