How the ChairSpeaker can help overcome hearing aid issues

How the ChairSpeaker can help overcome hearing aid issues


Many people with hearing issues tend to wear hearing aids to help them hear better.  While they do help a great deal, hearing aids are usually not the end-all solution to their hearing problems that they might originally think.  This can be very frustrating to the person especially when they are working very hard to hear the best they can.  

Now while the ChairSpeaker can not help you hear better everywhere you are, it can help you with your hearing aids when you watch TV.  Below are some common issues people have with hearing aids and how the ChairSpeaker can work to help resolve them.

Issue 1: Hearing aids do not restore your hearing to “normal.”  Things will be louder, but not always clearer, making it difficult to understand speech.

One of the main features of the ChairSpeaker is that it decreases background sounds and amplifies human voices.  This way you can watch your favorite action movie without the action drowning out all of the dialogue. 

Issue 2: Hearing aids are often shrouded in stigma and shame, unlike glasses which make you look “smart.”

There is nothing shameful in using the ChaiSpeaker.  In fact, many people are grateful that you are using them instead of making the TV volume so loud that it is uncomfortable for everyone else in the house.

Issue 3: Hearing aids are not regularly covered by insurance making them too expensive for many people.

The cost of the ChairSpeaker is within the same price range of most home speaker systems and sound bars and is a fraction of the cost of hearing aids.

Issue 4: They need batteries to function.

There are no batteries with the ChairSpeaker.  Just simply plug it into an electrical outlet to enjoy its crisp clear sound.

Issue 5: Hearing aids are easily misplaced and can sometimes be mistaken for a snack by the dog given their size.

Even though the ChairSpeaker is larger than hearing aids, they can not be misplaced once it is secured onto your chair or sofa, plus your dog will not mistake it for a snack.

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