Sound Quality

Sound Quality


Sound quality is a way to judge the accuracy, fidelity or intelligibility of audio output from an electronic device.  

The quality of sound can be judged a couple of different ways.  One way is that it can be judged objectively is when audio tools are used to compare the accuracy that's being produced to the original sound.  Sound can also be judged objectively through the human ear when that person compares the perceived audio to another sound.

When watching TV, how the sound is processed and recorded can greatly affect how a person perceives it when listening at home.  In some instances, certain processing applications such as equalization, stereo processing or dynamic range processing can create audio that is very different from the original sound but it may better overall for the listener at home.  

When you add other electronic devices into the equation like speaker, amplifiers, headphones and microphones, one does so in an attempt to create a higher degree of accuracy in the sound quality.

The main goal of the ChairSpeaker is create a higher accuracy in the sound quality that the consumer can enjoy at home through speech intelligibility.  

Speech intelligibility refers to how well and how clear a person speaks so that their speech is comprehensible to the person listening to them.  When the speech intelligibility is reduced, it leads to misunderstanding, frustration, and loss of interest by the people that are trying to listen. As a result, communication decreases or remains at a low level.  This is a common theme for people when they are dealing some type of hearing loss.  

The way ChairSpeaker helps with speech intelligibility is through its voice enhancement features.  With the voice enhancement features, one can better interpret the meaning of the person speaking.  The ChairSpeaker's voice enhancing technology lets you have a deeper understanding of your shows meaning and context without increasing the overall volume.  

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