Why You Need To Make Yourself A Priority

Why You Need To Make Yourself A Priority

Take a quick minute to observe your life from your current point of view. Think about where your life currently is. What is making you happy? What is keeping you going? If you said anything other than yourself, then it’s time to start making you a priority in your life.

When we have partners, family, bosses, and friends tied up in our lives, it’s hard to understand and focus on yourself. You might feel like you are serving others and not yourself. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Turning yourself into your own priority is a necessity in self-care, and we are here to help you.

How Do I Make Myself a Priority 

Anything related to you taking care of yourself is categorized as making you the priority in our life. With busy schedules filled with meetings, picking up the kids from school, getting groceries, and everything else on your ever expanding list of to-do’s, it seems like we don’t have any time left over for us to enjoy ourselves.

That's why it’s important to take time out of your day to focus on you. Relax with a hot bath or read that book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand. Do something that YOU want to do. Find something that’s entertaining, relaxing, and/or benefiting your life for the better. If you can manage to add habits to your daily routine that conquer all 3, you will feel a lot more in-tune with yourself. 

Time spent with yourself shouldn’t be looked at as a reward, but as parts of our routines. When you are able to dedicate time to yourself each day, something magical happens. You start to form a connection with yourself you’ve never experienced before. You will feel more accepting of yourself and your goals in life. Being your own priority helps you enjoy everything in life to the fullest, even the small things. 

Self-Prioritizing Activity List


Writing down how you feel throughout the day can help you keep track of everything in your life including your emotions, how you feel about certain things, ideas, and anything else that helps you get things off of your chest.

Think of your journal as being able to have a conversation with your thoughts.

Trust Your Gut

If you feel like something is the wrong choice, don’t dwell on it or let others' opinions make you think twice. Making choices based upon yourself and not others will help you have more control in your life and stay true to who you are.


Taking the time to go inward and calm your mind through meditation and mindfulness practices can create a positive change in thinking. Meditation can help you think more clearly, not be so anxious, and be more connected to your mind & body.

Know That You Are Enough

That’s because you are! You should be proud of yourself and where you are at in life. Celebrate and appreciate yourself by reflecting on your own individuality and what makes you amazing.

Solo Experience

Try going out to dinner or see a movie by yourself. It might seem awkward at first since these events are normally with a group, but you will have a blast enjoying a night out with yourself. Go see that movie you’ve been wanting to see and sit down for dinner at your favorite restaurant. Making yourself a priority is practicing self-love. There’s no better way to start than with a date with your #1 person, you!


These are just a few examples on how to make yourself top priority in your life. By taking time to focus on yourself, you will feel more happy with yourself and your worth in no time. The goal is to appreciate yourself and all of the amazing things that make you unique.

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