Tune in to New and Returning TV Shows this August

Tune in to New and Returning TV Shows this August

Tune in to New and Returning TV Shows this August

September used to be all about Labor Day, going back to school and the premiere of the new TV season. These days, by the time September rolls around, some kids have already gone back to the classroom and some of the most anticipated new and returning shows of the season have already premiered. (So, don’t delay! Order your wireless speakers for TV today!)

Streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix can always be counted on to break away from tradition, as can premium channels like HBO, so not surprisingly, they’re making August TV viewing much more interesting these days according to Thrillist’s roundup of Premiere Dates for New & Returning Shows.

If you can’t hear the TV, these are some of the shows they say you might be missing out on:

NEW! Carnival Row

Amazon Prime brings us this Victorian-era world full of magical creatures living among humans as marginalized immigrants. The show stars Orlando Bloom as a human and Cara Delevigne as a fairy caught up in a forbidden affair. Thrillist says, “The series tracks their relationship, as well as the Bloom character's investigation into a malevolent force killing members of their society, making for a new kind of ambitious fantasy. Watch the teaserTune in August 30


Dwayne Johnson is back for Season 5 of the HBO comedy about former basketball stars. Watch the trailer. Premieres August 25

NEW! This Way Up

British comedian Aisling Bea created this new Hulu series and stars in it as a woman teaching an English language course to English-as-second-language speakers as she tries to get her life back on track following a nervous breakdown. Watch the trailer. Watch it beginning August 21

13 Reasons Why 

The controversial Netflix teen drama is switching things up for Season 3, shifting the focus to a new controversy, “the supposed murder of the school bully.” Watch the trailer Returns August 23

The Affair

Fans of the Showtime drama about an extramarital affair and its damaging effects has come to its fifth and final season. (And it doesn’t sound like the folks at Thrillist will miss it much.) Watch the trailerStarting August 25

NEW! On Becoming a God in Central Florida

Showtime introduces a dark comedy set in a Florida water park during the 1990s starring Kirsten Dunst, who “breathes life into yet another scammer.” Watch the trailer. Look for it August 25


The popular nightclub drama from Starz will wrap up what Thrillist calls “its underrated run” with 15 final episodes. Watch the trailer. Tune in August 25

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