The Sounds of Spring

The Sounds of Spring


Spring has sprung and some of our favorite sounds in nature have emerged from hibernation! 

Did you know that listening for these sounds can actually be one way to test your hearing and to see if you are in need of an hearing aid?

Here are a few familiar examples that you can use to test your hearing.

Leaves: A gentle breeze is all it takes to move a pile of leaves, and there’s something to say about this calming sound. Unlike the sound of people playing in a pile of leaves, leaves softly rustling in the breeze is one of the softest sounds most humans can hear.

Birds: Birds that are migrating from winter homes in the tropics up to the north. As they go, they chirp and sing. Listen for the sweet sounds of the bluebirds, especially in the morning.

Rain: You know the saying, April showers bring may flowers! Sometimes they even bring loud booming thunderstorms. If you can’t hear the thunder or sound of falling rain, then I advise you to contact an audiologist.

Insects: As the weather gets warmer, insects and bugs reappear. Listen for the crickets and humming of mosquitos this summer.

If you have trouble hearing these springtime sounds or if you are having trouble with your hearing in general, please seek a professional immediately. 

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