The Big Game is almost here!!

The Big Game is almost here!!


One of the most popular unofficial holidays of the year is less than two weeks away!

On February 7th, Tampa Bay will host Super Bowl LV.

Now as the country begins the roll out of the COVID vaccine, most people will not get it in time for the big game, so social distancing and small gathering policies will still be in affect in most areas of the country.

Super Bowl parties might be limited to just a handful of close friends and relatives, while some will choose just to stay home and watch the game alone.

However you choose to setup your Super Bowl festivities, hearing the big game is just as important as watching the big game.  So if you are home alone, or surrounded by people yelling at the TV, the ChairSpeaker can create a better TV experience when not only watching the Super Bowl but also when you watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

You can create your own personal sound zone with the ChairSpeaker, while still be able to communicate with others around you.

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