Remembering beyond Memorial Day

Remembering beyond Memorial Day


For the first time in two years people were able to finally celebrate Memorial Day together, socially distanced of course. Barbeques, fireworks and flags flying on the front porch were the main events that normally kick off the unofficial start of summer.

Hopefully these signs are just the beginning of seeing life in society return back to normal.  But the main reason why things can return back to normal is because of the sacrifice so many has made throughout our history in defending our country and our freedom.

Do not forget those who have died fighting for our country.  Memorial Day officially began in May 1868, when we honored Civil War soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery by putting flowers on their graves. After World War I, the holiday changed to honor Americans who died fighting in any war.

While the holiday weekend is only three days, that does not mean the they are to be forgotten for the rest of the year.  The very basic freedoms that we enjoy on a day-to-day basis is because so many died to make it possible.  Unfortunately, not everyone in the world has these basic rights and freedoms that we have and they are not meant to be taken for granted.    

While politics and prejudice tend to cloud the vision of what true freedom really means to some, remembering our countries hero's sacrifice will help lift those clouds and make your vision a little more clearer.

From everyone hear at KARE, we hope you had a happy Memorial Day weekend and look forward to an even better summer 2021!

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