It's Super Bowl week!!

It's Super Bowl week!!


Welcome to Super Bowl week 2021!!

After months of anticipation as well as concern that the event would even happen, Super Bowl LV will be taking place this Sunday in Tampa, Florida.  

Anyone who is interested in the game, from the most casual fan to the super fanatic, be prepared to be bombarded with programing and content across all media platforms leading up to this game.  

Every player and every play from every game will be broken down, analyzed and reanalyzed to death in the days ahead.  All of the so-called "experts" will give their opinions on who should do what, when and why as well as who will win, if you care about these things and if you don't, good luck watching the Hallmark Channel all week.  But even they will be airing the Kitten Bowl, so that should be very entertaining none the less. 

Incase you were wondering, the Puppy Bowl will be on discovery+ and Animal Planet on Sunday at 2pm EST.  It will be hosted by Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg to help serve up some alternative pregame programming.

But for those who are craving for content, fear not, you are going to be well taken care of.  The NFL Network and NFL Digital media alone will air over 70 hours of live coverage starting on Monday and that is not including the 11 hours of pregame and postgame coverage on Sunday.

ESPN is planning a similar format with the majority of its programming focused on the Super Bowl.  Shows like NFL Live, Get Up! and First Take, along with SportsCenter and ESPN Radio will provide non stop coverage through Sunday as well as postgame coverage hosted by Chris Berman who will be covering his 39th Super Bowl.

So no matter if you have a dog in the race, a casual fan or if you hate football all together, for the next week you better buckle your chinstrap and get ready for some football, for better or worse.

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