Introducing the Head Spot

Introducing the Head Spot

Last week we announced the launch of our new website along with all of our incredible products.

This week we are excited to present to you our newest product just in time for the holidays, the Bluetooth Head Spot. 

The Bluetooth-capable Head Spot is an audio pillow specially designed to let you stream sound without the need for headphones. The Head Spot is sleek, portable and light weight.  Easily connect via Bluetooth to stream audio only you can hear without the need for headphones.  

The unique foam-embedded bone conductors allow your ears to remain open, so you can stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying high-quality sound. Head Spot allows you to relax without disturbing others by sending the sound directly to you instead of to the whole room.  

Head Spot is great for people of all ages. Whether you are at home listening to music or listening to an audio book in nature, Head Spot gives you the freedom to be mobile while also giving you the comfort of high-quality sound that you desire.  

Add to the experience by using our easy to remove and washable covers to add flair to your Head Spot without sacrificing comfort or cleanliness. Style your Head Spot with soft plush covers in Ivory or Dark Silver. 

Supplies are limited, order one today while they are still in stock. 

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