A night at the Oscars

A night at the Oscars


Having the Oscars back this year felt a little different to me than it has in the past. Having it delayed due to the pandemic was an obvious abnormality.  

Normally, you would have a good idea about who and what was nominated because you have either seen or at least known about the movies and actors/actresses that were nominated. 

This year with almost all of the movies bypassing the theaters and being streamed for home viewing, you lost a sense what was available to see and to know about the nominees.  

To be honest, I have never heard of most of the movies that were nominated or who was in them until they were announced during the show and I enjoy watching the movies about as much as anyone.

If you happened to have missed the show, here are some of the winners from last night:

  • Best Picture: Nomadland
  • Best Actress: Frances McDormand - Nomadland
  • Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins - The Father
  • Best Supporting Actress: Yuh-Jung Youn - Minari
  • Best Supporting Actor: Daniel Kaluuya - Judas and the Black Messiah
  • Best Director: Chloe Zhao - Nomadland
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