7 TV shows to watch this summer

7 TV shows to watch this summer


A couple of weeks ago we talked about the sounds of spring and how we now appreciate them more than ever since the pandemic.  While the sounds are quite beautiful, we can not stay outside forever. 

We will eventually have to come inside at some point and when we do, what will occupy our time?

Luckily we have some answers.  Quality time with family and friends should always be on the top of your list when considering on how to spend your free time, but you will also will need some "me time" as well where you can just chill in front of the TV. 

Here are a few options that you can tune into over the summer that we think you will enjoy:

Loki - Disney+, June 11th

Love, Victor - Hulu, June 11th

The Mysterious Benedict Society - Disney+, June 25th

Yellowstone - Paramount Network, TBD

Monsters at Work - Disney+, July 2nd

Lupin - Netflix, TBD

Succession ​- HBO, TBD

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