How the Wireless TV Speakers for Your Chair Work

The ChairSpeaker System works by connecting a small transmitter box to your TV.  This box transforms the sound into a more intelligible TV sound, then we broadcast this to the speakers that set on you chair or couch. create a lower volume more intelligible TV experience. broadcasting the TV sound to a small set of speakers on each side of your chair.

Finally, an easy way to have TV sound broadcasted directly to your ears! Comfortably hear all your TV programs, even if there is a house full of people around you. Keep watching all your favorite programs and stop annoying people with the LOUD TV volume. ChairSpeaker is the solution - a wireless speaker system for TVs without Bluetooth technology. Now you can enjoy your favorite shows at the listening volume you need, without driving others crazy. PLUS - you don’t need a remote to control these speakers because they are always resting on the sofa back near you. Simply turn the knob to adjust the volume - remote control NOT needed! ChairSpeaker, you deserve to be happy.

The Transmitter

A little black transmitter box plugs into the wall and audio output on the back of your TV with the provided cables. The transmitter box sends the TV sound across the room using IR light. 

The transmitter controls the voice enhancing process. A single switch allows you turn on the voice enhancement and select the best setting for your situation. 

The Speakers

The set of speakers hugs your chair or couch to place the TV sound near your ears. These speakers plug into the wall so no there is batteries to charge. 

A set of sound reflectors direct the sound back towards the person in the seat. 

One knob turns the speakers on or off and controls the volume. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this quieter than the normal TV?

Several elements make the overall TV sound in the room lower but increase the local volume for one seat. Our Near to Ear sound places the sound right next to your ears, while our sound reflectors direct the sound towards your ears instead of the whole room.

Why don't you just use Bluetooth?

While Bluetooth technology is great for talking on the phone or listening to music, it is too slow for broadcasting live sound without delay. The fastest Bluetooth technology in 2020 is "aptX Low Latency" with a delay of about 30 milliseconds (ms). While 30 ms is fine for headphones, an echo is formed when you play the TV speakers and a Bluetooth speaker at the same time. Our ChairSpeaker System is has a delay of only 4 ms making the ChairSpeaker sound be perfectly in synch with the talking mouths on the screen. No echo!

Can you adjust the volume of each speaker?

While you cannot adjust the volume of each speaker by turning a knob, by rotating the speaker towards or away from your ear you can balance the sound to your liking.

Why Use Voice Enhancing Technology

The most important part to having an enjoyable TV experience is hearing the people talk. Not only letting you hear the voices on the TV, but also letting you better interpret the meaning of the person speaking. The ChairSpeaker's Voice Enhancing Technology lets you have a deeper understanding of your shows meaning and context without increasing the overall volume.

What is High Speed IR Technology

Understanding High Speed IR Technology

Using a small transmitter box measuring 4 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches, we take the sound from the outputs on your TV and convert it to an invisible light called IR (infrared) and send this to the ChairSpeakers. 

Once the light reaches the speaker a filter is used to remove visible light, and then we convert light into sound. 

As we are using a beam of light, a direct line of sight is needed from the transmitter to the side of the speaker without the knob. This is the same way most remote controls work.