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You know that feeling you get when you hear your favorite TV show's theme song and the volume is just too low? It’s like it’s playing on some other channel. The Chairspeaker CS1 is the TV listening system that delivers voice-enhancing TV sound directly to your ears without the isolation or discomfort of headphones. This is our first-generation system. 

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1st Generation ChairSpeaker 

When you struggle with listening to the television because you’re hard of hearing, it can be embarrassing to turn the sound way up just to enjoy your program; especially if you have family members or guests in the room who find the TV too loud. 

That is why we created the ChairSpeaker, a smart and adjustable speaker system that lets you experience television with voice-enhancing sound in a whole new way. Designed to rest over the top of your couch, chair, recliner, or even headboard, these small but powerful speakers produce crisp, clear sound around you to delivery clarity you can enjoy. 

More importantly, they boast voice-enhancing sound, an adjustable volume knob, and the ability to put you in a small “sound cloud” that only you can enjoy and all without missing out on the world around you. 

• Easier and more comfortable than wearable audio systems 

• Allows you to still listen to the natural sounds or communication around you 

• Eliminate ear fatigue, sweat, moisture or uncomfortable feeling of headphones 

• Adjustable volume control that works independently of your TV 

• Immersive stereo sound with enhanced voice clarity 

• No expensive batteries, wireless connections, or complicated recharging 

• Ultimate freedom to get up, move, or sit down without being stuck in once place

• You can still use your sound bar or TV sound or turn the TV sound off


Included in the Box


The ChairSpeaker is 2 speakers linked together by 50 inches of flexible joints to conform to your favorite chair or sofa. The easy to use volume control knob is located on the left speaker. Power input is also located on the left side. Speakers must be plugged into the wall to work. 


The Transmitter plugs into the wall and your audio output of the TV or satellite box. The transmitter can be plugged into either a digital optical out, RCA out or a headphone jack depending on your TV's configuration.  The transmitter must point at the speakers and have a clear line of sight.  

RCA to 3.5mm Cable

The RCA to 3.5mm cable is one cable with two possible way used to hook up the transmitter to the TV.  When using the headphone output on the TV you can plug the RCA into the transmitter. Or you can reverse the cable to connect the RCA output to the back of the TV and the 3.5mm to the transmitter. 

Speaker Power Supply

The speaker power supply provides power to your speaker. This remains plugged into the wall at all times when the speakers are in use. The 18 foot power cord allows you to place the speakers on your favorite seat. 

 Transmitter Power Supply

The Transmitter power  supply plugs into the wall to provide power to the transmitter. The transmitter power supply must remain plugged in while in use. 

Optical Cable

The optical cable lets you connect the digital optical output to the transmitter. This is not needed when using the RCA to 3.5mm cable. 


Sound Reproduction

Two 5 watt 2" Voice Calibrated Speakers

Frequency Response: 40 to 14k Hz

Max Volume Level 115dB @ 1K

Decode Support

PCM (Pulse-code modulation)

Does not support Dolby Digital or DTS

Signal Transmission 

980nm Phase Locking IR @ 2.3MHz

Analog response time < 3ms

Digital response time < 12ms 

Signal to Noise Ratio 70dB 


Works up to 33 feet

Power 15v DC 

Volume Control, Knob 

Color, Black


This 90 day limited warranty covers product failures due to manufacturer’s defects for a period of 90 days after the original purchase. The warranty is only valid if the product is purchased from or one of ChairSpeaker® authorized resellers. If the product fails within 90 days of the original purchase it will be repaired or replaced at no charge with the same or newer model of equal value.

This warranty includes this product for home use including speakers, transmitter and accessories against defects in material and workmanship. Proof of purchase is required. This warranty is provided at the discretion of KARE, LLC and does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to acts of nature, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or modification.

This warranty does not cover:

- Shipping to and from repair center 

- Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect. 

- Labor outside of KARE's staff 


Will this work with my TV?

Most likely it will work. Our system works with 96% of all TV's. If your TV has an audio output the ChairSpeaker will work. If your TV does not have an audio output you can use the one on your cable or satellite box. Not sure give us a call. 

Can I use this with my soundbar?

YES! Many people use this with soundbars. However, you may need a optical splitter found here. OPTICAL SPLITTER

Will this work with my surround sound system?

YES! If we can get sound signal to the transmitter it will work.  Most surround sound systems have audio out. If you have an audio output it will work! 

Will the ChairSpeaker work on a couch?

YES! The ChairSpeakers patented gripping system allows the speaker to conform to almost anything! 

How far away can I be from the TV?

33 Feet! The ChairSpeaker will work upto 33 feet away from the TV in direct line of sight.

Is this high fidelity sound?

We have high quality sound but High fidelity, hi-fi or hifi is a term used by listeners, audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound.  We modify the sound to make the dialog easier to hear. This intentional modification of the sound excludes us from hi-fi.  

Can I still use the TV speakers too?

YES! At least with most TVs. If your TV has an audio output that does not automatically turn off the speakers both will work. When the transmitter is connected to the optical cable the sound can be independently controlled.

Can I turn off the TV Speakers?

Most TV's headphone jack will turn off the TV speakers so hooking the transmitter up with the headphone jack will normally accomplish turning off the TV speakers. When the transmitter is connected to the optical cable the sound can be independently controlled.

Will this work on my bed?

We have many people who use the ChairSpeaker to hang over the edge of the head board to hear the TV better in bed. The volume control side of the speaker must remain in direct line of sight of the transmitter. 

Can I use this in another room?

The ChairSpeaker needs to be within 33 feet of the TV and in a direct line of sight of the transmitter.

How do you charge the battery?

The ChairSpeaker does not use a battery. The speakers and the transmitter both require power an electrical outlet.

Does this work with bluetooth?

Our system does not use bluetooth. Bluetooth is too slow for the type of communication needed to make the ChairSpeaker work.

Where do I place the transmitter?

The transmitter need to face the speakers. The transmitter can be placed on a shelf or beside the TV. If your TV hangs on the wall or you don't have a place to set the transmitter a good solution is our Transmitter Shelf. Found HERE

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